Always Pushing the Limits

The Rockshox Super Deluxe Air allowed us to ditch old design constraints, and simply focus on building the best shock. And with that old thinking no longer holding us back, we began to wonder why coil-shock performance had to be limited to purely downhill and enduro applications—and why there …

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Shockdoc/Healthy Habits Welcome Autumn:)

As we ride our way into the fun months of Fall, loving the chance to embrace any ride when given the opportunity. Thanks again to a wonderful Summer with our friends and sponsored riders as they continue to create the memories to last a life time:) We are always looking for more, whether it be …

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Growing the Sport!!!

Another adventure has come and gone by the Team. We are always looking for positive, ambassadors of the sport to join us in upcoming riding and/or racing, and are currently putting in a 2018 jersey order. The sponsors support all those who are interested in all riding styles of Road, DH, XC, etc. If interested, …

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Nimby of Fun!!!

In the sea of bikes and fun, surrounded by mountains………a few of the Healthy Habits/Shockdoc Team went out to try the famous Nimby50 challenge.  It featured flat tires and wipeouts, yet tons of laughs, amazing food & trails, and endless smiles:) Can’t wait until the next event!!!  Way to go guys!!!!  If interested in joining the adventure….let shockdoc …

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Shockdoc Ride!!!!

With the longer days upon us……its time to take advantage of the life.  Yours truly will be sponsoring the 1st ride of the season on Monday, May 1st at 5:30.   Lets get out, get on some trail, and get the smiles rolling:)  If you enjoy burgers, riding and fun………join us for this aprox. 1hr ride …

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Loving the Ride:) The Suspension is the working organs of the bike:)


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Time to Ride!!!

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Bring on the Fun Challenges of 2017 with Shockdoc!!!

  Welcome, and Bring on the Fun Challenges of 2017:)
Let’s kickoff 2017 right! In collaboration with HealthyHabits Bike Shop, we are introducing a new, upgraded Jerseys and Shorts for 2017!!!These are only available for a short time, so if interested in us, helping you out……shoot the team an e-mail at asap.

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Featured image for 'Shockdoc Expansion and Advancement' blog post

Shockdoc Expansion and Advancement

Its our pleasure to announce that we are continually moving forward in expansion and advancement to meet your specialty riding and adventure needs:)  Shockdoc now offers Nitrogen recharges to all shocks at no extra charge during the Full Rebuild Service.  Check out the services offered at for more details, or the “about” page, for …

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Shockdoc Sponsorship

It is time, time to ride and enjoy the outdoors:) We are offering a sponsorship program in conjunction with the Healthy Habits Bike Shop to help out loyal customers. Those individuals that are good ambassadors of the sport, as well as loyal customers, get rewarded with the benefits of the combined sponsorship from Shockdoc and …

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