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Did you know?

On modern, cartridge style suspension systems, most manufacturers recommend getting your front and rear suspension serviced every 30 to 50 hours of riding.
Removing the lowers, shock oil changed, inspect bushings, clean and lubricate air spring assembly. Shock oil must be changed often for optimum performance.
Suspension oil suffers from thermal breakdown due to extreme temperatures that they operate in and shear forces under high load (hydrocracking). Even more often, and immediately if a problem in the system is noticed, before causing more extensive damage to the shock.
Every 100 hours of riding it is highly recommended getting a full, more extensive suspension overhaul which includes stripdown, damper service, seal replacement, bushings, cartridge cleaning and inspections.
Some companies may void warrantees if proof of recommended services aren't followed.

As a very general rule, one should get the fluid in their brakes replaced at the very least, once per year, even if you don't notice any degradation in performance. If you ride more than average, or spend a lot of your saddle time in a bike park, you definitely may want to get a bleed and service more often. Always keep an eye on your pads!

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